special event rates and considerations

Idylwild Cottage is naturally suited to host very large groups in the spring, summer and

fall months when outdoor gathering, dining and sleeping is possible. We are more than happy to host small weddings, reunions, family BBQs, film screenings, paddle trips, workshops, and events of any kind!


Your booking is considered an Event Booking If you are hosting 20 or more guests on any given day of your booking, either as day guests or overnight guests.


*Requirement for Event Booking: Rental of Portable washroom*


You must book a portable lavatory for your event,

You must ensure that pick up and drop off occurs during your reserved dates and not before or after your reservation.


Dining Tents, Additional Seating, Catering, and any other special

event services.

*All large truck deliveries must be made roadside, we have low hanging cedars which prevent large trucks from entering and exiting our driveway without causing damage.*


The following rates will be added to your Cottage Rental Rate

HST is added to all following Rental Rates, children under 3 stay or visit for free


Additional Day Guests

Day Guests: $10.00 per person per day


Additional Overnight Guests


Personal Tent or Trailer: *small designated campground on site*

$50 per person/night


Gretyl the Camper Van: sleeps 4 in two double and one twin

$150 per night

Kindly forward your estimated event numbers and any questions you may have.

We will combine the Cottage Rental Rates and Special Event Booking Rates to

generate your total booking rate.


We understand that events require tremendous amounts of planning and we expect

some fluctuation in numbers leading up to your booking. Please keep us informed

about any and all changes to your numbers and we will update your booking